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Face Tracking Rotation Phone Gimbal

Face Tracking Rotation Phone Gimbal

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Introducing the Face Tracking Rotation Phone Gimbal, the perfect tool for creating dynamic professional-quality videos. This gimbal is designed to free hands and make shooting more convenient with gesture control - simply make the “OK” or “PALM” gesture to enable or suspend tracking. The Joytrip Smart Tracking phone holder also prevents soiling of the equipment while shooting cooking, makeup, painting tutorial videos and more. Despite having multiple features and capabilities, this gimbal was also engineered to be extremely portable. Take it anywhere with its light and compact design – you can even pair it up with other Pivo accessories making it incredibly versatile. With the Face Tracking Rotation Phone Gimbal shooting high-end professional quality videos has never been easier!



Product Color: Black, White, Pink
Rotation Angle: 360 degrees
Flip: X: 360 ° (left and right) / Y: 145 ° (up and down)
Travel: Max: 8.2 / min: 5
Distance: Minimum placement height 0 m, the distance needs to be ≥ 1 m to track
Tracking Mode: Auto AI face tracking
Speed: About 90 ° / S
Field of View: 90 degrees
Battery Capacity: 2200 mHh
Endurance: About 6-8 hours
Charging Port: type-C
Power: 5V 1A
Fuselage Size: 19.7 (height) x5.2 (fuselage diameter)
Base Size: 10cm/3.93in
Unit Weight: About 320g

Package Included
1 X 360 Rotation Phone Gimbal
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Manual

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